Carol's letters

It shows: The colours of the alphabet
This is what you see: My alphabet (and my numbers too) became colored over time. It was not fully colored when I was 7 but at that age I was keenly aware of the colors of certain letters. They were the bright ones, the pink, red, orange and yellow letters were all quite definite, beautiful and easy to see. The rest of the other letters had colors but I couldn't describe them. And it's been a 50 year process to identify 99% of them, though I admit that one or two are still not exactly matched to my satisfaction.

I was in my 20's when I began to match the blues and greens to their appropriate letter(s). After those colors I identified the letters which were metallic, those that were brown and those colors which I consider to be in the realm of a highly sensitive artistic palette, nothing as bright or common as orange say, rather the sophisticated cross of a pale cool grey with a pale and cool beige. Of course, black and white letters were present when I was 7 and always quite easy to identify, or so I thought until last year when I became aware that my h, which is normally black, had under certain and rare circumstances the ability to become a metallic brass. And my plain grey x one day suddenly became a delicious salmon when I saw the name of an English town, Ixworth. The last two letters to become matched to colors were my p and q. They are soft, translucent, almost like watercolors on very, very fine white paper.

I do not have a true purple letter or number and wish I did.

The colors I see are not the colors of pigment, they are the colors of light, brilliant and gem like.