Carol's vision

It shows: This piece is called "Vision"
Oil/Alkyd on Paper
15 x 12-1/2 inches
This is what you see: I have several forms of synesthesia and one of the most visual forms I have is touch=color, shape, texture, movement.

What I describe about "Vision" was written at the time of the making of this painting, a journal entry, so to speak. This vision occurred, as usual, during an acupuncture treatment. I was lying flat on my back and stuck full of needles. My eyes were shut and I watched intently as I always do, hoping to see something magical which doesn't always occur. Some visions are plainly just not interesting or beautiful.

I wrote in 1997: "I had this particular vision a few months ago. Lying there, I watched the black background become pierced by a bright red color that began to form in the middle of the rich blackness. The red began as a small dot of color and grew quite large rather quickly, chasing away a lot of the blackness. And, I saw in the midst of the red color these green shapes appear and move around the red and the black fields. This is only one of many, many visions I have had, though it is the only one that I had painted like this until recently.

"The visions seem to have many things in common. The colors that appear are extremely beautiful and gem like. Areas of fuchsia color, or orange, or green, and red can appear instantly on a black background and completely chase the black away. These bright colors will usually appear in the very center of the black field. Or sometimes they are very tiny, like pin points of brilliant light that may grow and move. And often other colors will appear, either as soft shapes, or as simple almost geometric forms. The colors may also appear to be layered. All of these things are usually in motion, appearing and moving and swirling around like the aurora borealis. And then they just vanish. Sadly, there is nothing I can do to make an image stay a bit longer just because I'd love to watch it and maybe memorize it."