When I was a child, I already argued with my sister because she obviously had the wrong colours for her letters and numbers. My A was blue and hers was red. We never would have thought that others did not see everything in colour. But at some time we started to wonder - our brothers had no colours - typical for boys. With this statement the whole matter was settled for us.

At school I was sometimes laughed at because it happened from time to time that I confused numbers and letters that had the same colour (e.g.: F and 7 = dark green; A and 4 = dark blue; B and 3 = red etc.)

My husband liked my imagination, but often he had difficulties with other things that were connected with this attribute in my eyes, e.g.: my permanent unrest, my overstimulated nerves - I feel like sensing everything at the same time and bug other people with my observations. Moreover, I talk faster than I think and this can cause damage quickly. My sister has similar experiences. And as our second son was sent to an ADS consultation by his teacher, I had the test performed on myself too. No doubt!!! But we left it like this. Now I understand my son better because I came to know myself better. I think that there is a connection between colour viewing and ADS. I often asked my son whether his numbers and letters are coloured too. He laughed a lot and told me that this is impossible. Now (!!!) I asked him directly: Which colour does the letter A have? He replied immediately: red, of course! Afterwards he could name the colours of all numbers and letters, and also for the days of the week and the months. He himself was moved deeply (in a positive sense) and could not believe it. Hadn't I always suspected this?

I perceive my days, weeks, months, years and decades as large bows. The start is always at the very top and light blue, then it leads down to the valley (more yellow-orange) and terminates after rising again and becoming darker and darker at the same time. I feel this especially strongly at New Year's Eve, when the dark December 31 ends in deep black and January 1 begins in a shining light blue - even if the sky is dark. The decades correspond to my "normal" colours of the numbers.

When I accompany the hymns during church service on the piano, I write guitar chords above the notation (that I never really learned, unfortunately). Then I only have to stay within the colour area of the chords on the piano and not much can go wrong. If I accompany a song in E, A and H, for example, I play the chords according to my letter colours yellow, dark blue and greyish brown. This is very helpful - but I have to practise anyway :-)

I don't hear sounds like other synesthetes. Although it always rustles, flashes and bangs in my head. Sometimes I feel as if my skull is like a station where fast trains thunder through in all directions and levels. I have to force myself to stop one of the trains and "travel" only with that one. These sensations have different intensities - sometimes I "feel well" for several weeks - but I don't know which criteria affect these things.