My name: Dr. Terry J. Hutter
My address: Kansas, USA
Year of my birth: 1951
A few details about me and about what I'm doing: Until doing some research for a new exhibit on human senses, I thought I was odd and have tried to repress the "condition".

I have had a form of synaesthesia as long as I can remember. I do not see the colored letters and numerals as many do. I'm sensitive to sounds which trigger colors and smells. In early life it was all sounds, but the years of suppression have reduced it to it to sounds and emotions. However, now that I have a name and some knowledge what is happening I have sought to regain some of those old sensations, and it is amazing that they are still there, I just need to acknowledge them and they are there, just as before.

Examples: my wife's rhythmic breathing at night are pale blue rectangles that come from the edges of my periphery to a center spot. If I am lying on my right side with my right ear on the pillow, then the rectangles' center coalescing spot is slightly to the left of center. Slight changes in her breathing patters elicit green fringes to the blue rectangles.

Sound/emotions also elicit smells. Those smells are dominated by the sulfur bearing and mercaptate smells. It is rather odd to be in a building, when a low, barely audible frequency will trigger a burning sulfur smell, or a tinny annoying buzzing the smell of a skunk.


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